xxxxXxx Glendo  Reservoir


Why Glendo Reservoir?

Glendo features for miles and miles superior Walleye structure.

  • Two day tournament totals exceding 55LBS: WWC events had winning totals of over 55LBS - Yeah that right 55LBS.
  • Using all types of presentations:  From jigs to lindys; and spoons to cranks. - Every presention has a winning chance.
  • Big Fish Structure Exceptional Walleye numbers. 

This is why the WWC visits Glendo Reservoir.

    • Would you like a 5LB average?  Glendo also produces many recent 5LB+ averages.
    • Unique to Glendo Reservoir: Fishing flooded timber could be the winning ticket.
    • Glendo is a challenge: Many tournament have been won by ounces. Anyone's game.