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Wyoming Walleye Circuit Rules revised 01/10/2019

1. ELIGIBILITY, ENTRY FEES & DEADLINE: Entry fee is $400 per each two person team per event. Entry fee is $400 per each two person team per event. Deadline for event is Wednesday, 6/2/2019. All entries received will be acknowledged by email, mail or phone call. Payment must be included with each entry. Cash, check, money order, cashier’s check. Mailing address is: WWC 1015 S. Oakcrest, Casper, WY 82601. A $30 return policy will be applied on all returned checks. Angler under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to compete in any WWC event. ANY change of a team member must be approved by tournament officials and a new application must be signed. The owner of the WWC reserves the right to refuse an entry of any individual or team.

2. RELEASE OF LIABILITY:  By signing the tournament entry form, all participants agree to the following Release of Liability: We, in consideration of being permitted to participate in WWC tournaments, do for ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby release and forever discharge the Wyoming Walleye Unlimited, LLC DBA Wyoming Walleye Circuit, volunteers, the tournament director, staff and any and all sponsoring companies, entities, and individuals, their heirs, successors, administrators and assigns, from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action, of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, arising from or by reason of any bodily injury or personal injuries, known or unknown, death or property damage resulting or to result from any accident which may occur as a result of our participation in the WWC activities or any activities in connection with the same, whether by negligence or otherwise. We further release all officials, staff; participating sponsor companies and agencies from any claim whatsoever on account of first aid, treatment or service rendered us during our participation in the WWC. All participating teams, by signing entry form declare that they have in effect proper liability boat insurance. This release contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and the terms of this release are contractual and a mere recital. All tournament participants agree that any and all photos, video or films taken during the event which includes participant, their name and/or boat may be used by the tournament organizers, sponsors, or media without prior consent and without royalties.

3. CHECK-IN AND Rules Meeting:  All teams must be off the water by 4pm on Friday prior to rules meeting. Every team must check-in prior to rules meeting. Check-in will begin at 5pm on the Friday at tournament headquarters. The rules meeting will start at 6pm and at least one team member is required to attend prior to each tournament event. In unforeseen situation that would prevent a team member from attending meeting the tournament director must be notified prior to the meeting (307) 267-6384. During the meeting, rules may be reviewed and team boat numbers will be drawn for boat launch order.

4. GENERAL:  All pre-tournament rules, walleye refers to all species of the species stizostedion (i.e. walleye, sauger, saugeye).

5. REGULATIONS: Each entrant must possess a valid Wyoming fishing license. All contestants must observe all U.S. Coast Guard and Wyoming State Parks regulations. All contestants must abide by all Wyoming Game and Fish regulations concerning fishing, aquatic invasive species and boating. Any participant found to violate any Game and Fish regulation from 6pm Friday until 6pm Sunday will be disqualified. Any contest watercraft coming from out of the state of Wyoming is required to undergo a mandatory inspection by an authorized AIS inspector prior to launching. Participants violating that regulation will be disqualified. More info on AIS

6. TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS: Tournament headquarters location will be determined prior to the event. See website for details.  

7. FISHING AREA Fishing will be allowed only within the boundaries of the reservoir unless otherwise stated at the rules meeting. Contestants may NOT leave their boat at any time except as allowed and witnessed by tournament officials or in the event of severe weather that poses a threat to personal safety, at which time they may proceed to the nearest shore until it is safe to continue, nor may they operate their boat outside of any designated area during tournament hours. Tournament officials must be notified and boat inspected prior to continuation of tournament. No fishing within 50ft of weigh boat or release area.

8. TOURNAMENT DAYS/HOURS:  Each tournament is a two-day event. Tournament hours are Saturday 7:00 AM -4:00 PM and Sunday 6:00 or 7:00 AM–3:00 or 4:00 P.M. Teams should be aware that hours may be adjusted due to weather conditions or facility delays. Once checked in contestants must proceed to the launch area. Upon completion of competition boats must remain off of the water until boat check the 00000following day. The tournament officials reserve the right to postpone or cancel daily competition, if, in the opinion of the officials, weather conditions exist that pose a threat to the safety of teams and patrol personnel. In the event that competition is cancelled on either day a make-up day may or may not follow.

9. INSPECTIONS:  Boats will receive an inspection each day prior to launching. Boats not launching at the designated ramp area may be inspected at a location to be determined by tournament officials. All boats will be inspected for walleye and alcohol prior to tournament. All boats in the tournament must carry and display identifying markings provided by tournament officials. Boats, tackle, and equipment may be inspected at any time before, during, or after the tournament by officials.  

10. TACKLE:  A two rod rule is in effect as per Game & Fish rules & regulations. Artificial and live bait must comply with all Wyoming Game & Fish regulations. Spare rods and equipment may be carried in the boat.

11. BOAT OPERATIONS: Each team is required to wear a Coast Guard approved PFD anytime the main engine is in operation each day. All teams must depart by boat from designated launch areas and may do so only under the direction of officials. Launch will be in single file…no wake. The launch line-up will be inverted on Sunday. Safety is of utmost importance during the launch of flights; any unsafe operation of boats by participant at the discretion of tournament officials may result in immediate disqualification of that team. It shall be illegal for team boats to approach closer than Fifty feet of any other competitor’s boat (except a patrol boat displaying tournament official marking) during the tournament. The only approved communication will be on the selected marine band channel. Any other types of communication devices are prohibited unless in case of emergency. Any business related calls must be approved by director and director contacted immediately for approval prior to receiving or making calls. In a protest the accused will need to produce their phone records within 48 hours or they will be assumed guilty and disqualified.

12. CHECK- IN AND LATE WEIGH-IN PENALTY: All boats must be checked in each day at a location specified by officials, regardless of whether the team has fish or not. The team number and arrival time will be recorded upon arrival at the check station & weigh-in. Any late arrivals will be penalized 10% of that day’s catch weight and will be eliminated from any big fish prizes. Boats over sixteen minutes late will be completely disqualified for that day. In the event of a back log of boats at the check-in station, boats that have arrived prior to the check-in deadline will not be penalized.  Teams must check-in at the predetermined check point.

13. LIVE RELEASE and SCORING: WWC events are live release tournaments only. Culling is not permitted. The decision to release a fish or keep it for contest entry must be made immediately upon capture. Any fish caught that is not to be entered into contest shall be immediately released to the water with as little injury to the fish as possible. Once a fish is put in container or live well it can only be released at the WWC weigh station/s. Participants violating this rule will be disqualified. Fizzing (releasing air from the fish swim bladder with a needle) is not allowed under any circumstances per WGF. Walleyes will be measured in 1/4 inch increments with pinched tails.  No walleye under 15" will be measured or weighed.  The tail of the walleye must equal or exceed the 15" mark.  Length/Weight - All walleyes will be scored under the following system: No more than five (5) fish may be kept in a live well or on a boat.  The time fish spend in a live well shall be no more than three (3) hours. Once 5 walleyes are in the live well anglers must immediately precede to a weigh boat or station.  When those 5 are measured, they will be released and anglers may catch another 5 for a total of 10, those will be measured and released.  Teams can then continue fishing for their final 2 for a total daily catch of 12 Walleye.  No one team member may catch and possess more than 6 fish per day of the team’s allotted 12 fish. In the event of a dead fish (dead fish will be determined in the live well by the tournament staff), they will be tagged by a staff boat and will count that fish as part of their daily limit and a half pound penalty for each dead fish.  Daily limit means that teams will decide their 5 largest measurements before handing in their weigh cards.  No team may possess more than 5 dead walleyes.  If at any point a team has 5 dead fish on their weigh card, those fish must be their five weighed; no other fish will be counted on the weigh card.  Any team found with more than 5 walleye dead or alive in their live wells will be automatically disqualified for the entire tournament. If any fish is questionable…white gills, soft flesh, sunken eyes, etc. due to poor handling, these fish will not be counted towards weight. All length/
weight must be verified and initialed by a team member at weigh-in and ask for re-measure if there is any doubt. This will be the responsibility of the fishing team not the weigh team. Once fish are weighed the measurements are final. In the event that inclement weather causes a cancellation of more than one day of fishing (including any make-up day), the award of prizes may be based on the standings of one days fishing.

14.  ALCOHOL: No alcoholic beverages of any kind will be allowed during tournament hours

15.  SPIRIT OF THE RULE: It is the intention of this tournament to promote good sportsmanship and fair play. Unsportsmanlike conduct and cheating will result in disqualification. Interpretation of rules shall be left exclusively to the tournament officials and all decisions will be final. This tournament will be run professionally. Rules have loopholes; however the Spirit of the Rule will apply in judgments.     

16. PROTEST POLICIES: Only contestants and tournament officials have the right to contest the actions of another team or contestant. Protest by contestants must be filed in writing with the tournament director, in person, no later than one-half hour after the close of that fishing day. A protest fee of $100 dollars must accompany a completed WWC Official Protest Form.  A three person committee appointed by the tournament officials will convene to investigate and make a decision regarding the protest. The protest committee and their agents are authorized to utilize any investigative technique in order to determine the validity of the protest or the charge against any contestant. The decision of the protest committee shall be by majority vote and shall be final in all cases. Contestants waive any right or opportunity to appeal the decision of the protest committee to a higher authority, including any court of jurisdiction in this or any other state. If a protest by a contestant is found to be valid, the protest fee will be returned. If the protest is found invalid the protest fee will not be returned. Any person found violating the rules may be immediately disqualified and the reasons for said disqualification announced at the weigh-in.

17. WITHDRAWAL POLICIES: Entry fee refunds will be made only if the team gives written notice by the proceeding Wednesday less $50 cancellation charge. Return of entry fee due to a withdrawal l from a tournament will be made on a case by case basis by director

18. Payouts and Prizes: Payouts may include TOY, trophies, and/or marina/park fees.

Contact Info:
Wyoming Walleye Unlimited, LLC DBA Wyoming Walleye Circuit
Owner/Director, Steve Schauss
1015 S. Oakcrest Ave, Casper, WY 82601

(307)577-7276, C- (307) 267-6384 or  Rod Palmer (307) 797-0403